Based in his hometown of Kansas City, Blake has recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University. He started making short films when he was 18, started taking photos at 17, and has been writing for the majority of his life. Among the 14 short films he directed while at film school, he's also worked on countless film sets in both camera and production departments. He's successfully crowdfunded over $7,700 on Indiegogo; has had his movies play at the Kansas City Film Festival; and has won 'Fan Favorite' at the First Friday Film Festival. Currently, he is the Digital Storytelling Coordinator for Park University. 

He owns a Canon C100 Mark ii, with a Rokinon Cine Lens kit, and is currently available for hire for any production, videography, or editing means.

As a filmmaker, Blake aims to tell stories that are wholly authentic in portrayal of characters and their world, in order to give a broad audience a personal, and emotional experience.

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