Based in Chicago, Blake grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and was attracted to filmmaking at a young age. He started writing fiction stories early on in elementary school, which then led to writing screenplays and short films, and then blossomed into filmmaking once he reached high school.

He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University, where he gained a wide set of experience and acclaim. While in San Francisco, he successfully crowdfunded over $7,600 on Indiegogo, had his movies play at the Kansas City Film Festival and won 'Fan Favorite' at the First Friday Film Festival. To date he's produced, written, directed and edited over 100 pieces of web content; written, directed and edited over 15 short films; and is editing his first feature film.

Currently he's the Junior Digital Designer for Mediavine, Inc. where he's in charge of video content, podcasts and graphic design. As a multimedia producer Blake starts with what the piece of content needs to impart on the audience, then constructs his work from there. As a filmmaker Blake tells stories surrounding Missouri and Kansas City, basing narratives off characters that embody the culture and dilemmas he grew up with.

T: (816) 588-0858 | E: blake.miller19@yahoo.com

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